Joelle's Yoga


Every time I step on the yoga is a discovery. Sometimes my body feels strong and supple, my mind clear and focused. Other times my muscles are stiff and it’s more difficult to focus. Wherever I am, yoga is a door that’s always open. Yoga can meet me where I am. Little by little, the practice takes me in and I move into open space. With consistent yoga practice, a clear, focused and supple way of being becomes our natural state.

Yoga is a living, breathing and creative expression. Like the sky, yoga is never confined to a fixed and conceptual structure but provides the space to listen. The beauty of yoga is it flows like the river, moving fluidly and gently, carving an open space wherever it moves. Even the hardest rock will gradually change its shape if the flow is consistent. In this way, yoga is like the river; it gently removes whatever obstacles eclipse the awareness of our whole Self.

Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Chanting, Writing and the study of Yoga Philosophy are like keys which can open us up to the experience of wholeness which is always inside. I’m happy to share them with you!



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