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Joelle has been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching in Vancouver since 1999. She spent over three years in India studying yoga philosophy, meditation and hatha yoga.

Joelle finds in yoga a current of breath, stillness, movement and sound that takes us home. Once we touch this space, it’s always with us.

Her teaching focus is to share the love and bring awareness to every layer from the skin right to the will that moves us. In Joelle’s yoga classes you will learn to access deep core muscles, tune in to your own rhythm and move from the inside. With a strong foundation in universal movement principles, both beginners and more advanced practitioners develop an inner reference system that supports their practice and ability to progress into more challenging yoga asanas.

Both Joelle’s mother, Maalaa, and grandparents on both sides have studied yoga and enjoyed its benefits. Joelle is grateful to her yoga family and to all her teachers such as Swami Shyam, Maalaa, Gioia Irwin, Orit Zen Gupta and many others who have inspired her understanding.

Joelle is the proud mother of Elias and Joshua. She is busy changing diapers and practicing letting go! Being dedicated to motherhood informs Joelle's yoga practice and teaching in new and exciting ways.


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