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Hatha Yoga

Discover organic breath, natural alignment and a graceful way of moving and being. Gain an understanding of anatomical and energetic principles that support a personal yoga practice. Joelle’s Hatha Yoga classes emphasize awareness and strength, the subtle balance between letting go and challenging ourselves to open up to new levels of understanding. Release tension as you learn to rely on the strength of deep postural muscles. Meditation, essential breath work and chanting revitalize the body and calm the mind.

Beginners 10 Week Course:

Learn the principles of movement that allow you flow in and out of yoga postures safely. In this class we focus on waking up deep postural muscles and core lines that support the body from the ground up. Find your roots! Get grounded on your feet and let your body be a conduit for the rebound force that makes the spine light. An essential introduction for new yoga students. Currently running Monday evening 6:00-8:00pm and Saturday mornings 10:00am-12:00pm at Our Town Yoga Studio 245 East Broadway. Saturday mornings taught by Jennie Gibbs. Jump to Schedule

Hatha Level I:

Deepen your knowledge of the core lines. Learn techniques to open and strengthen the body for more challenging postures. Discover a new sense of freedom and vitality as you venture into new and exciting possibilities for movement, strength, and flexibility. Currently running Wednesday evening 6:00-8:00pm at Our Town Yoga Studio 245 East Broadway. Jump to Schedule

Hatha Level II:

Geared for more serious yoga practitioners with two years yoga experience. Meditate and discover the dynamic stillness within you. Immerse yourself in powerful praanayama sequences that strengthen the nervous system and dissolve mental chatter. Release blockages as you strengthen and open the body for deep backbends, hand balances and inversions. Currently running Sunday mornings 10:00am -12:00pm at Our Town Yoga Studio 245 East Broadway. Pre- registration required. Jump to Schedule

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